Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for the Cemeteries Managed by the  Mount Calvary Cemetery Association Inc. 

A Vermont Corporation organized to administer the cemeteries of  St. Joseph’s Parish of Burlington, VT 

Revised, October 1988

Rules and Regulations  

The Board of Directors of the Mount Calvary Cemetery Assoc has adopted the following regulations, which will supersede the regulations heretofore in force and be in effect on and after October 1 1988 These regulations have been formulated after due consideration both to those that have heretofore been in force and of the regulations which are in force in many of the best cemeteries in the country. They are published for the benefit and guidance of lessees of lots and the public, to be observed by all. 

It is the desire of the directors that the cemeteries be conducted for the interest of the lessees of lots as a whole and that they be made attractive and beautiful, as becomes the resting place of the dead.  It may, therefore, at times be necessary for individuals to accept the judgment of the Directors in these matters, even if it should differ from their own.  

The directors ask the cooperation of all persons in maintaining due observance of these regulations. 

SECTION 1 - Title in Cemetery Lands

  1. All lands in the cemeteries under the control and management of the Mount Calvary Cemetery Assoc are the property of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, Vermont, and the title in those lands shall remain in the Diocese. 
  2. No deeds of lots in any of the cemeteries shall be given to any person by the Cemetery Association. 
  3. Persons desiring burial lots in the cemeteries, upon fulfilling the proper requirements as hereinafter set forth, shall receive from the Board of Directors of the Cemetery Association a license or permit to inter a body or bodies in a certain lot I the cemetery. This license or permit to inter shall be known as a lease of a lot; and the holder of such a license or permit shall be known as a lessee of a lot. 

SECTION 2 - Cemetery Rules  

  1. The cemeteries will be open from 9:00 o’clock AM until sunset. All persons must leave the grounds before the gates are closed. 
  2. No trucks or heavy vehicles will be allowed inside the grounds except by special permission from the Superintendent. 
  3. No fast driving will be allowed in the grounds. 
  4. Horses, snowmobiles and all terrain vehicles are not permitted within the grounds except by special permission from the Superintendent. 
  5. Dogs are not permitted. 
  6. Persons with firearms are not permitted. 
  7. No lunches or other refreshments will be permitted on the rounds except to workmen employed therein. 
  8. No boisterous conduct, profane language or rude behavior will be permitted. 
  9. Entering upon any private lot or disturbing any flowers of plants, or carrying away anything from any lot except by the lessee thereof, is forbidden. 
  10. All persons are prohibited from plucking flowers, breading or injuring any tree or shrub or defacing any monument or other structure or fence. 
  11. Children under fourteen years of age must be attended by some person who will be responsible for their conduct. 
  12. All persons are prohibited from canvassing for orders or distributing business cards within the grounds of the cemetery. 
  13. Any person violation these rules will be liable to the fines and penalties prescribed by the statutes of the State and City Ordinances of the sity of Burlington. 

SECTION 3 - Enclosures  

  1. No enclosure of lots by fence, hedge or curbing is allowed. 
  2. If any enclosure heretofore made shall become dilapidated, the superintendent is authorized to remove the same. 
  3. No vaults or other structure above ground shall be built except by special permission of the Board of 

Directors after plans for the same have been submitted and approved by the Board, and under no circumstances shall the approval of the Board be given until a sum of money equal to 50 percent of the cost of the structure is received by them and for which the Board shall give a bond for perpetual care. 

SECTION 4 - Stones and Foundations  

  3. Cornerstones shall not exceed the dimensions 6 inches square and not less than 8 inches long and when set shall not be above the grade of the lot. 
  4. No markers above grade will be allowed. 
  5. To insure good work, and as a protection to all lease holders, the Board of Directors reserves the right to build all foundations for monuments, headstones and markers. 
  6. No monuments can be set without proper foundation. 
  7. Any stone heretofore set that has no foundation and becomes out of place may be reset with a proper foundation by direction of the Superintendent, at the expense of the lessee of the lot. 
  8. No monuments will be allowed on one or two grave lots, but markers may be placed at the head of each grave, provided the markers do not exceed 2 feet by 1 foot on single graves, and 4 feet by 15 inches on tow grave lots. The Superintendent may designate areas of the cemetery where two grave lots may have monuments, and may specify the type of monument permitted. 
  9. No monument or marker less that 4 inches in thickness will be allowed. 
  10. No stone work may be brought into the cemetery on Saturday and no work may be commenced o other days which cannot be finished and debris removed before the following Saturday noon. 
  11. The Superintendent will in all cases, designate the place where materials to be used in the erection of monuments or excavation vaults are to be placed during the course of erection of excavation. 
  12. No monument will be permitted bearing any mark or symbol that is pagan or unchristian. 
  13. No monument may be erected on any lot until the lessee has paid in full for the lot and for its perpetual care, and for the cost of the foundation of the monument. 
  14. Materials permitted for monuments and markers are granite, marble, or standard bronze. 
  15. No lettering or figure of symbol may be raised above the face of a marker. They may be V-grooved or sand blasted, however 
  16. The right is reserved to refuse to permit stone work to be done when, in the judgment of the Superintendent, injury to the turf might result from dampness of the soil, temperature, frost in the ground, or any other reason; in all cases the turf must be protected thoroughly by the proper use of planks. 

SECTION 5 - Trees, Shrubs, Plants, Flowers, Lights, Vases  

  1. The Cemetery Association reserves the right to remove, trim or cut back any tree, shrub, plant, flower, or turf that is detrimental to any lot or to the cemetery. 
  2. All plantings of trees, shrubs and flowering plants shall be done by the superintendent and his employees. 
  3. No planting of any sort may be placed on any lot or grave by the lessee, his agents or employees, any member of lessee’s family, relatives, or friends, ar any person whatever. 
  4. No artificial flowers, plants, wreaths, sprays or ornaments will be allowed o any grave or lot. 
  5.  No urns, jars, cans, baskets, cornucopias, vases, vigil lights, lamps, lanterns, or other containers may be placed on any lot or grave, except that cut flowers or a plant may be placed in a vase which is flush with the top of a grave or lot. Only one such vase will be permitted on each grave. Such vases shall be of metal, shall not be over 7 ½ inches deep, or over 4 inches in diameter, and may be installed only with the permission of the Superintendent. 

SECTION 6 - Walk and Driveways  

  1. No walk of stone, concrete or gravel will be permitted in any lot. 
  2. Any damage that may be done to driveways by any vehicle drawing monuments or any other material must be made good by the contractor, or the expense of repairs will be charged to the lessee responsible for the work. 
  3. Lessees, owners and drivers of motor vehicles will be held responsible for any damage done by them to trees, shrubs or lots, or for damages to any monument or other structure through their own carelessness or that of their employees or agents. 

SECTION 7 - Leases or Transfer of Leases  

  1. All fees for the lease of lots must be paid in full or satisfactory guarantee of payment given before any interment will be permitted. The fee for the lease is to be paid to the superintendent who will give a receipt for the same. Upon fill payment of the lease price the lessee of a lot shall be given a lease in the nature of a permit to bury bodies in the lot leased. 
  2. The transfer of the lease or burial rights in lots or in parts of lots to a third person must be reported at the office of the Superintendent for record and approval of the Directors obtained before the new lessee will be allowed to use the same. 
  3. Persons desiring to allow the interment of bodies other than members of their own families must give a written permit for the same signed by the lessee of the lot or by all the local representatives. The permit must be reported at the office of the Superintendent for record and approval of the Directors obtained before the interment will be allowed. 
  4. Persons desiring to lease lots will be given all needed information by calling on the Superintendent at the cemetery, who will show plans and location and give prices. 
  5. When necessary, in order that the cemeteries may be self-sustaining, the Board of Directors may change the lease price of lots in any section of the cemeteries and fix new prices therefore. 
  6. The Board of Directors may designate certain sections of the cemeteries where lots will not be leased except upon agreement to properly grade and fit the same. 
  7. The Board shall not permit, on any pretext whatever, any interment in a lot or grave that has a debt against the lot or grave. 
  8. Whenever a grave has a debt against it and the grave becomes vacant by removal of the body therein, the lease rights shall revert to the cemetery Association. 
  9. If a body or bodies have been interred in a certain lot for which the full lease price thereof has not been paid, all rights to inter bodies in the remainder of the lot, not already occupied by a body or bodies, and all lease rights and other rights therein, shall revert to the Cemetery Association shall have the right to lease and sell burial rights in the remainder of the lot to a third person as it sees fit. 
  10. If only part of the graves in a lot contain bodies or none of the graves in a lot contain bodies interred therein, and the annual fees for the maintenance of that lot have not been paid for ten years or move, that all right in all of the graves which do not contain bodies in said lots shall revert to the Cemetery Association. The Cemetery Association shall have the right to lease and sell burial rights in all such graves as it sees fit. 

SECTION 8 - Grading and Fitting Lots  

  1. All grading and fitting of lots must be done under the direction of the Superintendent and in accordance with the established methods for doing this work. Charges for the work will be made in accordance with the established schedule, when done by the Superintendent. 

SECTION 9 - The Care of Lots  

  1. The grass on all lots will be regularly cut by the workmen of the cemetery under the direction of the Superintendent. 
  2. If anything is placed on any lot which is deemed offensive or improper, the Superintendent shall have the right, and it shall be his duty, to remove any such object. 
  3. All plants and cut flowers will be removed as soon as they become unsightly. 

SECTION 10 - Funerals and Interments  

  1. All funerals will be under the control and subject to the direction of the Superintendent while in the cemetery. 
  2. All opening of graves and all interments will be made by the employees of the cemeteries under the direction of the Superintendent. 
  3. Adequate notice of any interment must be given to the Superintendent and be accompanied by the burial permit issued by a city or town clerk as required by law and by a certificate of a Catholic Clergyman attesting the right of the deceased to a Catholic burial. 
  4. No disinterment or removal of any body will be allowed without an order in writing from a duly authorized person. 
  5. Workmen engaged in the vicinity of a burial must suspend their labors during the services. 
  6. All coffins shall be deposited in concrete outer boxes or liners, or concrete vaults, or concrete receiving cases. 
  7. No wooden outside boxes will be permitted, and no outside boxes made of any other perishable materials shall be permitted. 
  8. No interments on Sundays, Christmas day or New Years day. 

SECTION 11 - Superintendent  

  1. The superintendent shall be responsible for the enforcement of all rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors and for maintaining good order and decorum in the cemetery grounds. 
  2. Workmen employed in any capacity in the cemeteries are subject to the direction and control of the Superintendent. 
  3. Workmen who do not regard the regulations and properties of the place will not be permitted in the cemeteries. 
  4. The Superintendent may take such action that may be necessary, although not expressly authorized by the rules, in order to protect the rights of lessees or of the cemeteries from injury and to preserve peace and good order in the grounds. 
  5. The Superintendent shall have charge of the various cemeteries and be responsible for their care and condition. He shall see that the rules and regulations are duly enforced and shall report any violations to the Board. He shall attend all funerals unless unavoidably absent, and shall have control of all processions and demonstrations other than the religious services in connection with the burial of the dead. He shall have charge of the lease of lots and shall procure a proper lease of such lots and deliver to the lessors, but only upon full payment being made. He shall collect all bills for the care of lots or other indebtedness to the cemeteries and make account thereof to the Treasurer. He shall use diligence in attending to the interests of the cemeteries and in serving the public in a courteous and satisfactory manner.  

SECTION 12 - Perpetual Care  

Lessees of lots may, by paying the required amount, according to the size of the lot and amount of care required, secure a bond from the Cemetery Association through the Superintendent for the perpetual care of their lot. The money paid for perpetual care is to be invested, and the income therefrom is used for the maintenance of the lots.  This means keeping the stones straight and substantial, leveling the depressed areas, and other work of this sort.  Perpetual care means that you will no longer receive bills or statements, and there will be no further expense to you in this connection. 

SECTION 13 - Amendments 

These rules and regulations may be amended at any time by a vote of the Board of Directors.