Cemetery Addresses, Maps and Contact

Office Address: The office is located within the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception at 20 Pine Street, Burlington, VT

  • Superintendent: Wayne Lefebvre
  • Phone: (802) 658-4333   Fax:  (802) 863-2388
  • Email: mountcalvaryvt@gmail.com

NOTE: The 3 Mt Calvary Cemeteries are owned by St Joseph Parish; and the St Joseph Cemetery is owned by the Cathedral.

Old Mount Calvary Cemetery

207 Archibald Street, Burlington, VT

Mount Calvary Annex Cemetery

55 Pomeroy Street, Burlington, VT

New Mount Calvary Cemetery

57 Plattsburg Ave, Burlington, VT

St Joseph Cemetery

206 Archibald Street, Burlington, VT